Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Learning Experiences

      2012 seems to have been a learning year for everyone. Almost everybody had to adapt to a new change in their life. I'm sure everybody learned a lesson this year. One lesson that I learned in the year 2012 was that if you do a job willingly you'll have more fun when you work. It was over the summer and my mom asked me to do the dishwasher..... I hate doing the dishwasher! I did the dishwasher not willingly and it seemed like it took hours just to finish one load of dishes. When I finished my dad came in to ask me if I wanted to cut the lawn. This would require driving the tractor which I love doing. I willingly did the job and in no time it seemed to be over. After, I parked the tractor I realized that if you do a job willingly you will have a lot more fun with the job. The next day my mom asked me to do the dishwasher again. This time I gladly did it and in no time I was done!

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