Monday, January 28, 2013

20% Project

For my 20% project I am going to research squirrels. I would like to research squirrels because it seems like they are just boring animals but I'm sure if I got  to learn more about them there will be very interesting topics that I didn't know about them. I would specifically like to learn how squirrels seem to live forever. There's never a day where I don't see a squirrel except for in the winter when they are habinating.

One person that I will consult is my brother, Kalen. He is an expert on animals and can probably give me very good facts about squirrels
 Some road marks I might reach is finding true information. There is a lot of false information out there. Other than that I think I should have no problems with my 20% project!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So many magazines are advertised towards teens. “According to the Center for a New American Dream, children and teens are exposed to over 25,000 ads in a year, and companies spend over $17 billion a year on marketing toward children and teens,” written by S. Zeige. Thin models mostly have an impact on young girls. Commercials are also jammed packed with models. This causes some teens to feel self- conscious of their appearance. They try to be more appealing. Whether it is from dieting or wearing beauty products most teen girls feel uncomfortable with their body, and try to cover up behind these factors.

In my personal opinion no girl or boy should feel uncomfortable about themselves. I have read or heard about many stories of teens endangering their life. In my opinion I think that there should be magazines that use regular people that could influence teens in a positive way.  

It’s not bad for girls to wear makeup or diet, but sometimes the young teens get carried away. When girls usually wear makeup they feel ugly when they don’t have it on. That’s not so bad, but dieting can lead to starving. Some teens just get too obsessed with being fat. They can weigh as much as an eight year old, but still feel like they’re overweight. This is called being anorexic.

Being self-conscious about what you look like isn’t just affecting girls but boys, too. Some boys think they should have huge bishops or six packs abs. This could cause boys to over exercise. Over exercising could be really deadly. All in all advertising has a big impact on teens and they should be careful who their role models are!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 Learning Experiences

      2012 seems to have been a learning year for everyone. Almost everybody had to adapt to a new change in their life. I'm sure everybody learned a lesson this year. One lesson that I learned in the year 2012 was that if you do a job willingly you'll have more fun when you work. It was over the summer and my mom asked me to do the dishwasher..... I hate doing the dishwasher! I did the dishwasher not willingly and it seemed like it took hours just to finish one load of dishes. When I finished my dad came in to ask me if I wanted to cut the lawn. This would require driving the tractor which I love doing. I willingly did the job and in no time it seemed to be over. After, I parked the tractor I realized that if you do a job willingly you will have a lot more fun with the job. The next day my mom asked me to do the dishwasher again. This time I gladly did it and in no time I was done!