Saturday, March 29, 2014

     For this passion project I decided to do it on WWII. I have always been interested on the events that had occurred, but only knew the details that everyone else knew. Coming up on the halfway mark I have completed multiple slides for my Power-point. All of them are on Hitler. I not sure yet, but my project has been leaning to being all about him. It makes sense though considering he was the main reason for the war, and that he was the one man who caused Germany to do such great damage. So really in a way Hitler is WWII and therefore most of my project would be about him.
    Every Friday except for about two or three I have steadily worked on my project, and I am doing a lot better then I did for the last one. Hopefully my focus will continue and I won't stray from my project. I am excited to continue learning about Hitler and the events of WWII.