Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Two Tests

      Yesterday in Rogate I took two test. One called the Anthony Gregorc Learning Styles Test and the other was called the Gardner Multiple Intelligences Test. They sound like they would be a really hard test, but they're not. The tests are all about figuring out your own personailty. At first I thought I already know my personailty and how I act, but once I took the test I realized certain ways that I process information that I didn't know about myself.
      On the Gardner test I realize I am not very musical. In my mind I thought I was a musical person. Mostly because I play the flute and I am pretty good at singing. Also I realized that I am more linguistic in my learning. Linguistic means that I think with words. Supposely this means I love reading, writing, telling stroies, playing word games and so on. I do like all of those things except writing. After though I realized I love writing, but only when I can put my feeling into it. I hate the writings where they tell us what to write about and how to write it, but writing this I can put my feelings into the essay.
      In the Anthony test there was four different subjects you can fall under. There was concrete sequential, abstract sequential, concrete random, and abstract random. I thought I was going to come up under concrete sequential. Meaning I am organized and detailed. Which I am a lot of, Instead though I came up under concrete random. Which means I am independent, creative, a risk-taker, and so on. I am very independent and I am a risk-taker but not as much as I am organized. It seems like I just learn more and more about myself.
      Knowing now that I am better as an independent learner and I learn through reading and writing I find that this could help me in school. For example if we have a project and we have a choice of either working alone or with a partner I feel now I realize I would finish the project early if I worked alone. I am not saying I wouldn't be able to work in a group and get a good grade, I would probably just feel more comfortable working alone. Also with the reading, writing, and being a risk-taker. Now I know that I should take a risk with writing out stories or projects. I am actually glad now that we had to take the tests.
      One person I admire is my sister. She is a role model for me. In my opinion my sister would use the same learning technique as I do. My sister, Emily, would be best for concrete random. She is independent and very creative so she would fall right under that category. Another person that I admire is my dad. I find my dad to be somebody who is better at learning with movement. Lastly, I admire my mom. She seems that she would come up under concrete sequential. My mom is the kind of person that is organized and detailed. That's is probably where I get it from.
       I guess to sum this all up you learn something new about yourself everyday. I find interesting what I came up under. You never truly know who you are I guess. Well I hope you liked my post and learned something from it!

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  1. Nice job with this post, Amy. It seems like you might really be able to use this new knowledge about yourself to do well in school. And I totally understand your relationship with writing -- people always write better when it's something THEY want to write as opposed to what others want.