Saturday, September 22, 2012

All About Me

      Hi, my name is Amy Joy. I am in seventh grade and this is my first year in a different school. In my school I have a total of nine classes. Some days I only take certain classes. For example, I only have tech connect every other day. Same with chinese. My favorite classes are gym, chinese, and language arts. Gym is fun because we get to run around and play soccer the whole time. I love chinese! It is very interesting to learn a different language. Language atrs isn't very exciting right now, but we are going to start reading a book called Yellow Fever: 1793. It seems like a great book and I can't wait to get reading. Those are my favorite topics to learn in school. Out of school though I am reading a book called Kennedy Women. It tells you all about the ladies in the Kennedy family, when usally you hear about the guys of the family. I can't wait to go home and read more and more of the terrific book.
      In my family there are five kids and two parents. I am the fourth kid in the family. I have an older sister, Emily, and two older brothers, Kalen and Troy. They ae all in highschool. Then, I have a younger brother named Cole. When I am at home what I like to do besides reading is play outside and hang out with my siblings. Also, I play field hockey after school. The postition that I play is goalie and most likely defense. I don't exactly know yet because we just started. I hope to get better and better at field hockey.
      When, I grow up I was thinking I would be a judge. It will be a lot of work to become one, but I am determined. The only thing that would stop me is, to become a judge you have to be a lawyer first. The problem with that is if I was a lawyer and I had a client that I was trying to defend and they told me they were guilty I wouldn't be able to tell anyone. I couldn't defend somebody that I knew was guilty. I also had thoughts of being a teacher when I grow up. I'm not exactly sure what I want to be, but I have plenty of time to think.
      A lot of things make me happy. For instance, I find it funny when little chickens run and I'll laugh. That makes me happy. Plus, getting good grades makes me happy or even just doing something nice for someone else. Also, if I give something of mine to someone else it makes me feel good about myself which causes me to feel happy. Most of you that are reading this are probably thinking that none of these things would make you happy. You're probably saying in your mind what would make me happy is getting an X - box or a phone. Yeah I guess that that can make you happy, but I believe the real joy comes from giving and being happy not getting and being happy. When you give you are most likely making someone else happy. So, wouldn't you rather make someone else happy and yourself by giving then just making yourself happy by getting?
      Well now you know a little bit about myself..... my hobbies, my favorite subject, and what makes me happy. I hoped you enjoyed my small essay about myself. There are more post to come. Until next time!

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