Thursday, October 16, 2014

Passion Project #2

My newest update is both successful and a learning experience. I have a slight background history about how the Russian language came to be, which I'm very happy about finding. I learned information about the alphabet. For example, how many letters there are, which one are vowels, and which one are signs. The challenge though is that the first time I learned how to say the Russian alphabet, a friend was teaching me, so it was face to face and so much easier to learn. Now I have to find different websites that can help with pronunciation. Fortunately there is a lady at my church that speaks Russian (forgot to mention this when I was introducing my passion project). She offered to help me, which I'm extremely grateful for. During these last two weeks I learned that sometimes I can expect something to happen, but it won't always go that way. I mean if you look at my "schedule" I made for this project I was already suppose to know the alphabet by heart and this hasn't happened yet. I realized that learning the alphabet is the key to my project and that I can't really rush this goal.

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